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Energy efficiency training programme and workshops

Energy efficiency can reduce energy use, costs and lower CO2 emissions. Therefore, to maximize the energy savings potential in your company, raise the awareness of everyone involved including managers, executives, staff and suppliers through an energy efficiency awareness training.

TEET’s comprehensive training and awareness programme reinforces and supports your organisation’s energy efficiency objectives. First of all, by changing workplace behaviours and engaging your employees, you will lower costs and improve your organisation’s energy efficiency. In addition, those savings the company can, for example, be reinvested into trainings, building improvements or other energy efficiency solutions. Finally, investing in your employees pays off. Creating an energy savings culture in your organisation will identify conservation opportunities and goals that sustain energy efficiency over the long term. Managing energy use is a smart business practice and demonstrates CR (corporate responsibility)

TEET offers energy-efficient processes & energy management workshops that help you:​

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Reduce electricity bills

  • Reduce costs of cooling in hot climates and cost of heating in cold climates

  • Lower operating, production & maintenance costs

  • Extend the lifespan of the equipment and the building

  • Increase productivity & improve operating performance

  • Build a strategic framework for energy management

  • Improve understanding of how an individual’s energy use is related to potential savings

  • Increase employee’s well-being while contributing to a cleaner environment

  • Enhance employee morale as a result of working together to achieve a common goal

  • Create a better work environment

  • Change behaviours of how building users consume energy

  • Make your company a leader in energy efficiency

  • Improve your competitive position

Course duration:

While we recommend that this course be run over a full day, we aim to tailor it to your specific business and its needs. We can split the training course in 2 hours sessions and can organize it virtually via Zoom or Teams.

Entry requirements:

There is no pre-requisite training required for this course.

Course structure:

The course will include a mix of group exercises, break-out discussion groups and especially relevant topics presentations. If you have particular requirements regarding sustainability courses, we are pleased to design a tailor-made training course, please contact us.

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